Seriously, Vegans?











There is no such thing as a “meat eater” to begin with. People who have meat as part of their diets are “omnivores” (for that matter so are you, you just ignore part of your potential diet). Also, tricking someone into eating your style of food because you think it’s better for them is being a self-righteous asshole. It’s not ok.

Speak for yourself~ I heard Nicholas Sparks eats children. Whole. Alive. Go convert him, not me, you silly vegans.

In all seriousness, though, they’re gonna be the biggest assholes around when they trick a new friend into eating their food that’s allergic to soy.

if you’re friends with someone, you would know what they’re allergic to/ someone who has an allergy lets people know that, trust me. it’s a life and death situation. it’s not being an asshole when people tell you the food you eat is awful without ever having tried it. offering someone something is not “tricking” them into eating something. if a vegan offers you something, you can pretty much assume that it’s vegan.

Seriously omnivores? You get so defensive and act like we’re attacking you when we’re just stating the facts. You are a self-proclaimed “meat eater” some of you say you’re a carnivore. Your diet slowly kills you because your body cannot properly process the cholesterol ridden meat and dairy you consume. ALSO, telling a vegan you’re going to trick them into eating dairy or meat is fucked up, because you feel so offended that someone has more of a heart than you do.

You clearly have a problem with reading comprehension. At no point in this conversation has anyone said they would trick vegans into eating non-vegan food — the only mention of deceit was the pro-vegan infographic which bragged that 77% of vegans expressed willingness to trick non-vegans into eating vegan food.

Oh, and the human digestive system is perfectly capable of processing meat. The human digestive system is explicitly omnivorous; it lacks the evolved optimizations which are present in both pure herbivores and pure carnivores. Archaeological evidence clearly demonstrates that Homo sapiens has always been omnivorous and that vegetarian/vegan diets are purely a modern affectation; ancestral species such as Homo erectus are also clearly omnivorous. You literally have to go back twelve million years before humans evolved to find any hominid species which is even arguably herbivorous.

Because eating vegan food is worse than consuming food that is ridden with disease, torture, murder, and rape. You clearly have a problem connecting those things to the shit you put into your body. Non-vegans automatically associate vegan food with tasting like “dirt” or see it unappealing because they believe the shit they see on TV. As an omnivore you are more likely to have problems with heart disease, cholesterol, and cancer due to your diet. Obviously the human body can’t really function properly because if you were real omnivore, you wouldn’t have any problems like that. Using examples of humans before factory farms is irrelevant, because humans used to eat for survival. This is not the case anymore.

Watch that then argue that humans are “meant” to be omnivorous.

Your ethical ideology does not change the biological fact that the species Homo sapiens is naturally omnivorous. The fact that some people choose to eat more limited diets does not change this biological fact.

Also, your assertion that all non-vegans “automatically associate vegan food with tasting like dirt” has no basis whatsoever in reality. I eat all the same food you do, I just also eat other foods that you refuse to.

Someone obviously needs a lesson in human nutrition. Cholesterol is not bad for you. Grains, on the other hand, especially the non-naturally occurring forms of wheat that I’m betting vegans eat by the truckload, are demonstrably bad for humans to eat. Grains and beans are things that the human body did not evolve to eat. Meat, yes. Fish, yes. Leafy greens, yes. Fruits, yes. Grains, no. Legumes, no. Pretty tough to eat a vegan diet without unprocessed grains and beans, chum. Nevermind all the industrialised, pollutive, corporatised food substitutes that only modern technology and vast inputs of energy can provide.

Oops, there goes all your unfermented soy products. Oops, there goes your TVP. Oops, no bread for you! No pasta! Sorry…it’s all bad for you, unless heavily processed to remove anti-nutrients. Of course, I’m betting that you actually don’t know this, since you’re going on and on about the moral superiority of not eating animal products. I guess you don’t mind killing mice, though, huh? You ever see what a combine does to a field? What about insects? Do they “count” for you?

You know that nonsense that keeps getting passed around about how many more people you can feed if you use land to grow crops rather than fodder? Take a look at the world around you. In every poor country of this world, the main staple of the local diet is a grain or starchy tuber of some kind, and that has been true ever since the introduction of settled agriculture about 10,000 years ago during the Neolithic Revolution, which resulted in widespread decreasing quality of nutrition, based on the fossil record. Take a look at the people living in those countries. Do they look healthy to you? 

The bottom line is, you’ve bought into a pseudo-religious ideology, and your ability to think critically about the consequences is compromised.

If you want to rant about something, rant about multi-national conglomerate farming and chemical corporations who are increasingly gaining complete control over our food supply and our government. Rant about corporate imprisonment of local water sources needed to feed people so that you can have your pre-packaged chai tea latte from Whole Foods and I can have my Coca-Cola. Rant about concentrated animal feedlot operations that are robbing our food of nutrients and creating rabidly virulent strains of microorganisms that we can’t stop.

But ranting about eating animal products at all? A non-starter. 

“because humans used to eat for survival. This is not the case anymore.”

- Veganism

I need preachy vegans to go do some reading on the abusive treatment of migrant workers, & then kindly shut the fuck up with this delusion that a vegan lifestyle is cruelty free.